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about me

howdy there! i'm four and i'm a makeup artist and esthetician based in los angeles! I originally started my career in my hometown nashville, but soon moved here for college. i specialize in korean beauty, skincare, and anything innovative/cool to try out!

from a young age, i knew i wanted to spend my life creating and sharing it with the world. eventually at 15, i started my freelancing career and later graduated high school early. this gave me the amazing chance to jump into the beauty industry and focus on making my business!

i got my education by being self taught and later attending amua nashville in 2019. after that, wanting to broaden my career, i attended aveda institutes and got my aestheticians license in 2020.

after the career stunting move that’s covid-19, i still find myself excited trying out any cool concepts and ideas for my work! for any collaborations and partnerships, feel free to contact me!

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